Patient stories


“I definitely wouldn’t have made any other choice.” Nada, customer service

“There has always been a missing tooth on each side of my mouth. Not only were the empty holes unsightly, but the neighboring teeth also had a tendency to fill those empty spaces, which led to malformations. Besides implants, my dentist suggested bridges, although he warned me that the procedure would be very complicated and would require invasive grinding of the healthy neighboring teeth. I therefore opted for implants. The whole restoration took approximately three months. I am absolutely satisfied both from the functional and esthetic point of view and I’m sure I definitely wouldn’t have made any other choice,” says Nada. “It is impossible to visually distinguish my new teeth from the old teeth and, in addition, my teeth now look much healthier.”

“After my implants were fitted, I could laugh again.” Alena, lawyer

“My troubles with teeth first began somewhere around the age of seven. Permanent lateral incisors in the upper jaw had never erupted. The negative effect of the missing teeth eventually led to a complete removable denture in the upper jaw and a bridge in the lower jaw. It was very uncomfortable and I had real trouble even eating, let alone laughing,” describes Alena her dental problems. “I knew that this wasn’t the way to go and I decided for implants. LASAK implants had been recommended to me and they proved to be a great choice. I’ve just undergone a complete restoration of my teeth. I am really happy with the implants and fixed restoration. My son exaggerates that after 20 years, I am finally able to laugh.”

“I can sing thanks to my new teeth.” Jana, singing teacher

“I am a singing teacher and teeth are vital for me. Without teeth, you cannot articulate or sing notes. The correct position of the teeth also affects breathing during singing. And I need to demonstrate all of the above to students in my lessons,” explains Jana. “Esthetics are also important in my case too, as I still perform on stage. I started experiencing problems with my teeth roughly 15 years ago. A traditional bridge, however, was not comfortable and it also limited me significantly in my profession. So I decided to undergo a complete restoration of my entire dentition with implants. At the time of the surgery, I was already an elderly person and the dentist had to think carefully about whether to treat me with implants, but it turned out that my jaws are absolutely fine, so there were no obstacles for the implantation. I am totally delighted with my new teeth.”

“I would recommend implants to anyone.” Pavel, economist

“If I knew how implants would make my life easier, I would have definitely opted for them much earlier,” says Pavel. “I had been using a removable denture for two years, but its functionality was far from ideal, not to mention the loss of sensitivity. Sometimes, I forgot that I could not even bite into a bar of chocolate, so I was a frequent visitor to my dentist for to various ‘repairs‘. It was comfort and functionality that were the main criteria for me. I have had a complete fixed restoration in my upper jaw and I am completely satisfied. I would recommend implants to anyone.”